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on view through the end of October

Studio SoHy is proud to present the artwork of Zunzima (aka Takashi Nakajima) a self-trained illustrator hailing from Japan.

Zunzima draws inspiration from Japanese pop culture. He includes elements of manga, cartoons, movies and comedy TV shows in his work. His pieces are also infused with Western urban themes as seen in his graffiti-style typography.

Zunzima works primarily freehand, spending hours detailing his characters. This intense attention to detail is evident in his large scale piece entitled “America” currently on view along with 16 other magnificent pieces!

Viewers are encouraged to come meet the artist, see his work and enjoy the fruits of his other passion, Uzu, a pop-up ramen stand from 12-6pm on Saturday, September 23rd.

Come meet the artist and enjoy some ramen during the Arts & Ales festival

September 23rd


Uzu pop-up

Studio SoHy

(in the #tinyhall)

4327 Gallatin Street

Hyattsville, MD 20781

Latest News

On Saturday September 10, The 2DK LAB kicks off the 22nd Anniversary of the founding of the largest hip-hop crew in the tri-state area. In honor of the crews' 22nd Anniversary, this award-winning collective recognizes its visual and performing artists by returning to their hometown, Hyattsville, MD, and displaying the fruits of their labor with a week long celebration of the crews' members and talents.


Founded on the belief that communities thrive with ready access to art, Studio SoHy is committed to providing an open access space where artists and audiences can connect, collaborate and share ideas. In facilitating these exchanges, we hope to make our community a more vibrant and dynamic place to live and work. 

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