Darth Vader by Joshua Yospyn
Darth Vader © 2015 Joshua Yospyn

A touchstone for every generation, Star Wars and its epic tale of the hero’s journey, captures our imaginations. From the frozen tundra of Hoth to the swamps of the Dagobah System, the indelible mark left from A Galaxy Far, Far Away is unmatched in popular culture.

This space odyssey grants us passage into our nostalgia and inspires our own intrepid futures. There is nothing more hopeful than a coming of age tale. In this, we are all young George Lucas's yearning to see our imagination played out on the big screen.

In Studio SoHy’s latest installment, artists explore their own experiences and interpret Star Wars' impact upon the American milieu. Come join us for our final show of 2015. Journey deep into your imagination and explore the infinite. 

Deadline is December 1, 2015 | Exhibit open December 12, 2015 

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